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Technology in Education 2020

Technology is transforming the educational experience. The rise of the internet and the growth of digital learning are driving a shift in Marketingproof education. With the help of digital learning platforms, educators are providing a better experience to their students and creating a more personalized learning experience. As technology becomes more affordable, more educators are exploring how to integrate it into their teaching methods.

Although it’s a major area of strategic planning, technology training for teachers has dropped significantly over the past five networldking52 years. This year, only 1% of schools plan to spend money on tech training for teachers. And while 60% of school leaders say their training is adequate, only 17% of teachers agree. Further, many teachers say they have to find time to undergo training on their own.

Fortunately, the majority of K-12 educators surveyed expect online learning and digital curriculum to increase. According to the survey, six in 10 teachers anticipate that digital learning will be more important than the traditional thedailynewspapers classroom environment. More than half of educators also expect online content and remote learning to grow. However, robotics and coding are expected to decline in importance.

One common theme in the survey was finding a balance between digital and non-digital activities. Parents monitor their tvwish children’s technology use and must find the right balance between allowing children to explore the potentials of technology while also setting limits. Teachers also expressed concern about parents’ handling of excessive digital activities, and the importance of strengthening r7play relationships between home and school.

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